“High Praise” for “Strong Coffee” (The beverage, if not my actual post…)

NPR has a podcast called “It’s All Politics” that I highly recommend and the two guys (Ron Elving and Ken Rudin) that put it together and are featured on it each week often refer to their “listener” in the singular…although I am sure that I am not the only one.

As I happen to know I might have at least THREE or possibly FOUR regular readers, however, I can say, without exaggeration (in the most literal sense), “One of my regular readers sent this comment with regard to my recent post…”

More amazing, though, was that I received this comment less than two days after I put up my most recent post…I could not muster the same alacrity in letting my two (or so) other readers know about it though, mostly because I am not sure I remember how to post a “link” but I will give it a go herewith.

Without further ado, (and to hasten MY adieu and conclude my shortest post yet…) here is an outtake from my good friend’s (Kevin Knox) email to me of a few days ago and a link to a post on HIS BLOG site (which I also recommend, generally, although it is mostly not about coffee) I have deleted a comment Kevin made about a journalist who writes nationally about coffee but should not, at least, evidently, in Kevin’s opinion but also in mine:

“Hi Tim,

I enjoyed your new post about strong coffee. In case you missed it, here’s a parallel rant from my blog:

[Unfortunately, this link was decommissioned…. I hope that Kevin will put it back up on his new blog: Coffee Contrarian.]

Happy New Year!


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